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Welcome to Thresholds & Ranges, a creative canvas to share the work of Marita Jacobsson, Creative Arts Therapist for Individuals and Groups. I offer a private practice and facilitate Creative Arts Therapy groups for children, young people and adults. After years of caring for people as a Registered Nurse, I am passionate about offering this innovative creative care approach to healing, wellbeing and enlivened living.

Creative Arts Therapy

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

It uses creative processes such as art-making using a wide variety of mediums, drama and movement, within a therapeutic relationship to improve and enhance wellbeing holistically: the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental, all intertwined. Creative Arts Therapy can be supportive to people across the life span and with varying abilities and encompasses a variety of psychotherapy theoretical frameworks. Creating and making meaning is the main emphasis, rather than creating a final product. A Registered Creative Arts Therapist focuses on developing a confidential therapeutic relationship, with clear boundaries and established intentions.

Creative Arts Therapy ~ Group Sessions

Please email me to express your interest: marita(at)thresholdsandranges.com.au



Creative Arts Therapy ~ One-to-One Sessions

Sessions are available for Children, Adolescents and Adults: no referral is required. I provide a safe, confidential ‘holding space’ as I companion whomever I am working with, offering my  integrity and compassion, using creative processes and a wide range of art materials. Creative Arts Therapy is a form of Counselling or Psychotherapy and no prior art experience or expertise is required. Focus is on a shared ‘inquiry’ using various arts mediums that may include: clay, paint, sand trays, drawing, collage, movement, natural objects, textiles, writing & poetry, images, sculpture, photography, symbols or rituals ~ rather than creating a polished art piece.


Home and Hospital visits

I draw on my Registered Nursing experiences of giving both hospital and home based care, to adapt Creative Arts Therapy sessions to the bedside or home.

An additional small travel fee can be negotiated.


Hours & Fees

One-to-One sessions are available by appointment with rooms in Gisborne, at The Blue Door learning Centre and Kyneton, at The Nurture Pod .  See ‘learn more’ for more details.

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Marita takes you into an art space where you are able to create a story using your own pieces of work.
Her compassion and love for creating meaning through art is unique.

Effie Lagos

Thank you Marita for a soft leadership. Through calmness, you are leading me towards the goal, what it is I need to shine on myself. It’s wonderful with so much material to choose from in the creation. The clay is an enormously good tool. To let the hands play with it and see what it turns into. You pointing out in a very good way the importance to be in the present and to really feel the material and the colour with all your being and all your senses. To then continue with clay figures in our own body movement, just to be able to use your own body to express your inner being is fantastic. You are a calm and harmonious leader. Light and love Ing-Marie (Sweden).

Ing-Marie Sönne Private Creative Arts Therapy ~ Sweden, 2013

A workshop with Marita is like stepping into a new world were nature is your dance partner and source of inspiration for your movements, for your own unique dance. Relating to nature in this way, close and intimate evokes feelings of communion and oneness with nature and made me feel a part of everything. Working together in a common workshop was smooth and effortless with a lot of space for each others gifts and creativity and an openess to find new meetings of what we could offer. There is so many possibilities for co-creation and blending of different arts in Marita’s work and that is so beautiful. I am thankful that I could be a part of it. (Sweden)

Malin Odenhall Physiotherapist & Dance Practitioner

My organisation Many Hands International, hosted Marita to work with us offering arts therapy services to women in Timor-Leste who had experienced trauma during their country’s turbulent history. We were delighted that Marita was so thoughtful, kind, sincere and fully present to all the women she worked with. She offered creative, stimulating, challenging and quieting experiences which participants enjoyed enormously and reported significant benefits from. Many very appreciative comments like this came back in evaluations translated from Tetum: “Today, I follow this workshop, I feel happy because as a new experience for me, so I can apply to my friends or in my family what we learn about the health for the women. I give thanks to Many Hands International, which share their experience with us.” We recommend Marita’s arts therapy work very highly.

Dr Kim Dunphy Director ~ Many Hands International www.manyhands.org.au

Marita has companioned me as a peer and co-inquirer for many years now. We have worked side by side holding space and supporting arts making with people of various ages and ability. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to have Marita hold space for me during one-on-one and group co-inquiry sessions during which I have explored both professional and personal experiences. Marita has such a gentle, generous, sensitive and non-judgemental way of being with others. She is also very imaginative and creative with her invitations to inquire and her responses. Anyone considering having her as a companion or facilitator would be blessed.

Natalya Garden-Thompson Creative Arts Therapist & Community Artist
Marita Jacobsson - Thresholds and Ranges


Marita Jacobsson
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My approach

…is to companion you with utmost care and compassion, as you navigate thresholds in your life and integrate new ranges-of-being.

I offer a range of therapeutic and creative experiences to promote healing, creative living and wellbeing. In my creative approaches and ways-of-being as a Creative Arts Therapist and Community Artist, I draw on my diverse experiences as a former Registered Nurse in hospital, community and secondary school environments over a span of ten years. I gave nursing care to people diagnosed with cancer and varying terminal illnesses, both within hospital and their homes. I have also nursed people with complex and chronic illness in both home and hospital, including individuals with disabilities. My nursing roles have included ‘hospital in the home’ and home based nursing care for young people and adults with acute and chronic conditions as well as mental illnesses. I have also nursed people who were completing a medicated drug or alcohol withdrawal on a detoxification unit.  I have been deeply inspired by the people I have cared for over the years and I am so grateful for my nursing experiences as stepping stones to new pathways of giving care.

Whilst working in two secondary schools in a health promotion and counselling role as a Nurse, I decided to have a creative career change and leave my nursing days behind. I completed a graduate diploma in Creative Arts Therapy at The Melbourne Institute for Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy (MIECAT). I followed these wonderful studies with completion of my Masters in Creative Arts Therapy also at MIECAT ~ graduating in 2011. Since then I have worked in Melbourne, Sweden and Timor-Leste in varying capacities as a Creative Arts Therapist, Community Artist, Creative Movement and Dance Teacher, Art after school Program Facilitator and a Researcher – with individuals and groups across the lifespan in both paid and volunteer roles. Now it is time to weave all these experiences into a new tapestry which is Thresholds and Ranges, centred in the Macedon Ranges region of Victoria.

I am a Professional Member of the Australian Creative Arts Therapy Association (ACATA) and an Associate Member of the Dance Movement Therapy of Australasia (DTAA). I am also a member of the Group of Registered Regional Arts Therapists (GRAT) and I hold a current Working With Children Card.